Thermal insulation by THERMOFLOC
/ natural breathable cellulose based insulation

THERMOFLOC premium cellulose based insulation has been one of Europe’s most trusted brands of sustainable insulation for more than 20 years.  THERMOFLOC is made from recycled newspaper and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards.  THERMOFLOC is fully CE marked and is the only cellulose insulation to hold the coveted Natureplus® mark of quality and sustainability.

Made from 100% organic cellulose, THERMOFLOC is highly breathable and works in sympathy with the building fabric to help create a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.  What’s more, being made from recycled newspaper and requiring very low processing energy in manufacture, THERMOFLOC is a very sustainable choice when it comes to building insulation.

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The benefits of THERMOFLOC insulation at a glance.

THERMOFLOC utilises natural cellulose to provide highly effective, breathable and sustainable insulation solutions.

  • Cost-effective and rapid installation.
  • High thermal and acoustic performance envelope.
  • Excellent fire resistance properties.
  • Breathable and sustainable.

This modern insulation system is ideally suited to meet the demands of modern and traditional construction.

THERMOFLOC insulation for installers and end users

THERMOFLOC is efficient, sustainable and cost effective; three reasons why more and more professionals and end users throughout Europe are making THERMOFLOC their first choice of insulation.

Our THERMOFLOC Loose-fill provides a very cost effective DIY solution for insulating lofts and floors.

Insulation solutions for architects & professionals

Our complete insulation system means THERMOFLOC can be used in a wide range of traditional and modern buildings.

Operating throughout the UK, we offer a full support service that runs throughout the design and build process.  Our experts can perform pre-installation surveys, performance calculations such as U-value and condensation risk analysis right through to THERMOFLOC.

We can also provide full office based CPD training for architects and specifiers.