Providing a continuous performance envelope.

THERMOBLOW 300, 500 and 1000

THERMOFLOC cellulose insulation is installed by specially trained installers using our THERMOBLOW blowing machines specifically equipped for the job. THERMOFLOC loose-fill insulation can be installed between joists in floors or in loft spaces manually without the need for blowing.

Insulation fibres are blown into voids within walls, floors and ceilings to produce an uninterrupted layer of insulation that is vapour open yet contributes to the overall airtightness of the building fabric since even the tiniest cavities are completely filled with insulation.

The installation process generates virtually no waste since only a carefully measured quantity of insulation is blown into each individual building component.
We supply a range of blowing machines to installation professionals.  Our range of THERMOBLOW machines are respected for their short set-up times, ease of operation and excellent performance. Mechanical relay technology ensures low-maintenance, continuous operation. Accessories and spare parts are available at short notice.