THERMOFLOC Blown-in Technology

Cellulose Insulation

THERMOFLOC cellulose insulation is installed by specially trained installers using our THERMOBLOW blowing machines specifically equipped for the job. Following THERMOFLOC specifications, the insulation is pumped using hoses under air pressure and filled into voids within the building fabric to create a compacted, uniform and continuous insulation layer.  The uninterrupted layer of insulation severely limits the movement of heat and sound providing excellent all round performance.

Our method of installation has considerable advantages for the installer as well as the builder. THERMOFLOC Blown-in produces an uninterrupted insulation layer that is free of thermal bridges, existing roofs can be insulated without removing the roof tiles and an insulation layer that is breathable, environmentally friendly and cosy can be created. What’s more, the installation process generates virtually no waste since only a carefully measured quantity of insulation is blown into each individual building component

THERMOFLOC can absorb nearly a third of its own weight in moisture and still be completely dry to the touch ensuring insulation performance is maintained across a range of humidities.  This moisture is safely released when temperatures increase or humidity decreases helping regulate indoor air quality and moisture levels which can contribute greatly to indoor air quality.

A thermal conductivity of 0.039 W/mK ensures a consistent high performance envelope of insulation helping minimise heat loss in the winter and keeping your building comfortably cool in the summer. What’s more, THERMOFLOC is installed at a density that provides additional thermal mass to the building envelope helping smooth out highs and lows as the building fabric warms and cools.

THERMOFLOC blown-in insulation - all benefits at a glance