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THERMOFLOC - utilize the advantages

THERMOFLOC can absorb nearly a third of its own weight in moisture and still be completely dry to the touch ensuring insulation performance is maintained across a range of humidities.  This moisture is safely released when temperatures increase or humidity decreases helping regulate indoor air quality and moisture levels which can contribute greatly to indoor air quality.

A thermal conductivity of 0.039 W/mK ensures a consistent high performance envelope of insulation helping minimise heat loss in the winter and keeping your building comfortably cool in the summer. What’s more, THERMOFLOC is installed at a density that provides additional thermal mass to the building envelope helping smooth out highs and lows as the building fabric warms and cools.

THERMOFLOC contains no hazardous substances and has a Euroclass B fire rating making it safe to use throughout the building envelope.

As well as helping reduce energy bills, THERMOFLOC has excellent acoustic absorption properties meaning it can be used very effectively in a variety of acoustic applications.

THERMOFLOC has very low embodied energy.  Because the insulation is carefully injected into the building fabric, waste is kept to a minimum and only one product is needed to cover all thicknesses and widths.

THERMOFLOC insulation systems - all benefits at a glance