DIY Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose Insulation

THERMOFLOC Loose-fill can be installed in lofts and beneath floors without the need of a blowing machine.  The insulation material is simply broken up and poured evenly to achieve the desired insulation thickness and then spread to form a level surface. Material consumption is approx. 35-40 kg/m³. The technical performance is the same as the blown-in insulation.

THERMOFLOC loose fill is available in easy to handle 12 kg bags and is quick and simple to install making it an ideal choice for DIY use.  Material consumption is approx. 40 kg/m³ or 4 kg/m2 for 100mm of insulation thickness.

THERMOFLOC can absorb nearly a third of its own weight in moisture and still be completely dry to the touch ensuring insulation performance is maintained across a range of humidities.  This moisture is safely released when temperatures increase or humidity decreases helping regulate indoor air quality and moisture levels which can contribute greatly to indoor air quality.

A thermal conductivity of 0.039 W/mK ensures a consistent high performance envelope of insulation helping minimise heat loss in the winter and keeping your building comfortably cool in the summer. What’s more, THERMOFLOC is installed at a density that provides additional thermal mass to the building envelope helping smooth out highs and lows as the building fabric warms and cools.

Loose-fill insulation - all benefits at a glance