Breather Membrane

THERMOFLOC roof sheathing rolls

Roof membranes such as the THERMOFLOC breather membrane, protect the building from driving rain preventing any penetration of moisture into the roof or wall structure. The membrane is UV stable, has a high degree of tear-resistance and is extremely open to vapour diffusion. The breather membrane is installed of the roof supports (rafters) with the upper layer overlapping the one below and secured by concealed stapling to provide optimal protection against wind and rain.  Tiling battens are fixed above the breather membrane which further secures the membrane. Please note that the breather membrane can only be left exposed to the elements for a maximum of three months. The roofing tiles should be put on within two months at the latest.

Breather Membrane Technical data
Raw material 3-ply polypropylene fibrous lining
Tear strength 250 N / 5 cm
Weight per m² 166 g/m2
Elongation at tear > 60 % / 80%
SD value 0.05 m, extremely open to diffusion
Fire class E
Outdoor exposure Outdoor exposure Max. 3 months
Resistance to water penetration Class W1
Nail pull-out strength, long./trans. MD: 240 N/50 mm / MC: 275 N/50 mm
Roll width 150 cm
Roll length 50 linear metres
Pallet 24 rolls/1,800 m²