Rafter insulation system


The THERMOFLOC THERMOBAG system provides a way to insulate existing roof areas cleanly and cost-effectively. The only requirement is suitable access between rafters via the top of the roof.

The THERMOBAG consists of a vapor barrier on the room side (SD value approx. 10 m) beneath a vapor open (SD value < 0.04 m), water impermeable PP membrane on the outside for optimum protection of the thermal insulation. Good to know...

The THERMOBAG system is not a replacement for a functioning sub-roof; instead, it protects the installed insulation against weather-related moisture and airflow.  Due to the set size of the compartment space, there are limits as to the thickness of the insulation layer (maximum thicknesses up to 20 cm can be achieved).

THERMOFLOC-Thermobag – Benefits: