THERMOFLOC vapor-proof lining

THERMOFLOC vapor-proof lining

Our THERMOFLOC vapour control layer is a vapour-resistant lining and airtight membrane that protects the construction reliably against moisture. It can be used for internal wall and roof applications. The reinforcement of the membrane provides high tear resistance.

Technical data THERMOFLOC vapour control layer 150 cm
Raw material Reinforced polypropylene fibrous lining
Tear strength 100 N / 5 cm, additionally reinforced
Weight per m² Approx. 90 g/m²
Elongation at tear > 30 %
SD value 10 m
Fire class B3
Use Interior of roofs and walls
Roll width 150 cm
Roll length 50 linear metres
m² per roll 75 m²


THERMOFLOC vapour control layer is used on the inside of ventilated and non-ventilated roof constructions and in the walls of timber frame structures. The use of THERMOFLOC vapour control layer eliminates air movement through the structure preventing the penetration of moisture into the thermal insulation.


THERMOFLOC vapour control layer is fastened to the sub-structure by means of stapling or gluing. With THERMOFLOC blown-in insulation, you can install the vapour control layer in both a longitudinal as well as transverse direction. Should it be necessary to install it crosswise, the points where adhesive tape is used must be covered with continuous battens to prevent the adhesive tape from becoming detached due to the blown-in pressure. All areas to be stuck down must be free of grease, dust and silicone, and must also be completely dry.